How Losing My 6-Figure Job Liberated My Dreams

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This is the first in a series of writings on mindset, entrepreneurship and following your heart.

While it almost doesn’t seem possible, the calendar doesn’t lie. This month marks a critical milestone for me as I took major steps along my personal path to freedom. Financial freedom, that is.

I’m curious … Have you ever stopped to wonder what financial freedom looks like for you?

Is it something you think and dream about? I think most of us are probably in that camp.

Perhaps you’re already there, standing on that snowy summit holding the flag so the rest of us can see our way through the wind and fog. Or you know someone who is already there. Then again, maybe it is a long-held dream that remains elusive for you. I can definitely relate to that last one. At the same time, I hold a strong desire to be one of the flag-holders — with one hand holding the flag and the other pulling people up, one by one to the top of the summit.

Wherever you happen to be, my only hope is that something you read in the story that follows resonates with you and helps you in some way. Let’s see, shall we?

It was an early fall Monday morning 2 years ago when I sat at the neatly cleared-off desk in my home office, taking that first sip of my favorite creamy mocha beverage. I was two more yummy sips in when the old-fashioned ringtone on my iPhone began to jingle, displaying the name and photo of my direct manager from work. About ten minutes later, I was hit with the stunning realization that my entire world had changed as a result of that one brief phone call.

{Sidebar: If your job position is being eliminated and a company decides that they no longer wish to employ you, the absolute best way for you to find out is over the phone and sitting in the comfort of your own home in your yoga pants. Trust me on this. I’d gone through a similar experience with an employer in 2002, but in an office setting and with the kind assistance of 2 security guards who escorted me out of the building (past dozens of colleagues and students), to my car and without any option to pack up my desk or personal belongings. Humiliating is how I would sum that up.}

I doubt that I will soon forget how I felt in that first 24 hours after receiving that life-changing call. Calm. At Peace.

And … Oh. So. L I B E R A T E D!

I made a committed decision in that first 24 hours. {One of my mentors, Bob Proctor, likes to say “Truly successful people make committed decisions quickly and change their minds infrequently.”} I decided I would never again be a W-2 employee. I was finally ready to draw the proverbial line in the sand and make my own path. Hadn’t I done that most of my life anyway? When had I gotten so comfortably numb? The illusion of safety and comfort had been shattered for the last time. This time I would make a different choice.

I won’t even attempt to sugarcoat what making that choice was like. The first year was a pretty bumpy one. The second year wasn’t a whole lot smoother; only different bumps. And yet here I am enjoying the ride of my life! {It’s like riding on one of those rickety old wooden roller coasters at the County Fair where you feel every bump and you’re absolutely certain you’re going off the rails at any moment, and yet you can’t help grinning and screaming your head off — yeah, it’s exactly like that.} It’s also been a lot like this:

Learning how to embrace the uncertainty and walk out onto the skinny branches of the unknown. Growing and deepening my relationship to my truest Self. Understanding that my circumstances are my circumstances but they do not define my potential. My imagination and ability to focus my thoughts and energy in the direction of my dreams is the only thing that can ever define that. It’s how the natural laws work, scientifically speaking.


The numbness has disappeared.

I spend a lot of time being uncomfortable. A LOT of time.

When I made that committed decision, what I didn’t realize at the time is that I was striking a match.

That match re-lit the pilot light inside of me.

Re-ignited my passions and put a fire back in my belly.

Filtered out and burned away the mundane and irrelevant.

Returned my attention and focus to my most soul-inspiring dreams.

Delivered me back to my heart.


So let’s circle back to where this story first started. This seemingly elusive idea of financial freedom.

Turns out that freedom was mine all along to experience. I first had to choose it. Commit to it like my very life depended on it.

Our truest desires want to be chosen and emotionally felt in us before they will realize themselves as an expression in our lives, as something we can see and experience in our physical world. The moment I made that committed decision, I was choosing freedom and that seemingly simple act of choosing liberated my mind/body/spirit to stretch to another level where my potential is even greater than I imagined. The people, opportunities, and experiences required for my desires to show up for real began to line up the moment I committed and believed that my desires were already mine.

In my mind’s eye, I hold the steady image that I’ve already made it to the summit. Along the way, I’ve had to shed all the objects, thoughts, and old programming that were weighing me down and slowing my progress. A worthwhile sacrifice I was happy to make. And will continue to make as the process continues.

It is the journey in our minds and hearts that we need to make first. The rest is certain to follow.

= = = = =

Michele Marie Neyers is an international bestselling author, poet, educator, and passionate creator of all things beautiful and useful. She believes that everyone has a poetic voice within and offers her readers a simple challenge for teasing out their own poetic voice. Her first published book – 3 Lines 30 Days | Unleash Your Inner Poet – is a collection of original poetry with a creative twist. The book was released on July 31st, 2018 as an Amazon Hot New Release and International Bestseller and is currently available at www.3lines30days.com.

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