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Mighty Aphrodite

As I sat there with my eyes closed and began to notice my breath, I could feel in my chest more than see the image that we had been asked to visualize by the woman leading the exercise. The warm oranges, bright yellows and deep pinks were all pulsating together to a constant and steady rhythm. A golden orb, bright and radiant with a nearly weightless quality was sitting directly between my heart and belly center.

Sitting in a large, open room that gave way to an expansive water view with a group of like-minded individuals may not be a common way to spend a Saturday, but I had been drawn in by the possibility and the promise of seeing my world from an altogether different perspective. Through my own lens. How freeing that sounded!

I continued to focus on my own inner pilot light as our coach continued to guide us. How long had this light inside of me been in existence, I wondered? The answer came softly and swiftly. “A long time. I’m quite ancient, actually.” From where did you originate I asked, intentionally this time. Again, the answer came without hesitation. “The Middle East, ancient Greece and Rome.”

When I shared this with the group after our exercise had ended, the significance of that message began to dawn on me. My soul was an ancient one and it had spoken to me of its origins pointing back to the times of the Roman Empire or even earlier. Beginning to visualize life in those times, I immediately imagined a beautiful woman in flowing silk robes and her head of blond curly hair adorned with a jeweled headband. Oh, the mighty Aphrodite. Grecian goddess of love, beauty and sexuality.


Not really certain how long this channel of communication would remain open to me, I asked my light what messages She had for me. In her quiet and steady voice she said: “It is time for us to let our light shine outwards for more of the world to see. You are a divine being and you are beginning to remember this. Keep opening yourself up and sharing your unique gifts. You know what those are and you must trust that they will serve you well in your service to others. Go at your own pace and just keep shining.”

I had come to this gathering to gain a different perspective, to see things that were perhaps hidden from my view. Pausing long enough and getting still allowed me to ‘feel’ into a view of myself and others I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. What else wasn’t I seeing when I looked at the world with just my eyes?

{Namaste — The light in me recognizes the light in you.}


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  1. Michele,
    What a gorgeous way to describe your experience at the retreat!

    Clearly the goddess within you has been waiting patiently to share her wisdom with you, and you are ready to fulfill that part of your journey: “Go at your own pace and just keep shining.”

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