My Juicy Peaches

The Softness of Little Girls, Grass and Feathers

10478673_10206833100530361_2005795694642262725_nI was grateful for the short reprieve. A break in the action before the next leg of my journey. My inner SHE was calling me to sit and be still; to touch my toes, my body to Mother Earth and to receive Her healing energies.

Walking along the edge of the Sydney harbor, a patch of grassy earth bathed in brilliant sunshine caught my eye. There. That is just the right spot, She whispered to me. As my toes curled into the warm grass I could feel myself soften and surrender.

I lay my head down on the pillowy green blanket, toes firmly planted in the cushy soil, and lightly closed my eyes. Daydreams play softly across my eyelids and seduce me with images of aquamarine blue waters and sandy surf. My toes wiggle themselves in the hopes of finding the sun-warmed sandy beach. Blades of grass come crunching in my left ear. Getting louder, coming closer. Footsteps.

I am broken away from my daydreams as the footsteps have now come to a stop. I am not afraid, only curious as to their source. I slowly open my eyes and see a pair of small innocent eyes staring down into mine. They smile at me and say ‘hello, I have a white feather’. A small hand begins to run the feather across my cheek, down along my neck and over the front of my bare arm. She giggles and says ‘Sometimes it tickles, doesn’t it?’ My inner girl giggles, too, as the soft feather continues its journey up the other side of my face.

I hear myself say ‘My name is Shelley, what’s your name?’ ‘Sarah’, she says softly followed by another giggle and then runs off to the outstretched hand of a beautiful woman standing in the near distance. I am sitting upright now and I wave goodbye to the sweet girl and her mother.

Once again I notice the feel of sunshine on my skin and the blades of grass coming up through my toes. What miracles are brought to us in every moment when we stop long enough to listen and watch for them, appreciating the wonder and awe of this gift called Life.


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