My Juicy Peaches

May The Force Be With You

Ever wished that you had at your disposal an endless source of energy that you could just ‘tap’ into that would ‘juice up’ all the tasks, projects and dreams you have for your life and accelerate them to the next level?  I think most of us would welcome such an invention in our busy day-to-day lives.
Tapping Into An Idea
For me the idea for this post started with an image I had about a tap.  You know, like the kind I can fondly remember seeing a large man hammer into a barrel of German ale on a student exchange trip I took to Bavaria.  You can see him, right?  Except that this particular tap I’ve imagined is plugged into all the creative and powerful energy forces of the universe.  [Note that I have nothing against a good, stout ale.  The stouter the better in this modern girl’s opinion.]
I began wondering about all the ways I could gain access to such a tap.  After all, the universe is made up of energy.  E = MC2 and all of that.  If you stop and pay attention, you can see energy in motion all around us.  Think about a stoplight at a busy intersection and what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ that allows those red, yellow and green lights to illuminate at just the right time and frequency.  Or that cup of coffee you enjoy on your morning commute or sitting on your front porch.  Imagine all the energy expended and somehow harnessed to grow and harvest the beans, roast and grind the beans, heat the water and brew that nice cup of Joe.
In all of these ways and a million more, we’ve learned and developed ways to utilize energy in some way, shape or form.  And we would all have our opinions about whether we are harnessing that energy for good or for more nefarious reasons.  So this in and of itself is not a new idea as we have been harnessing energy in a variety of ways for a very long time.
Harnessing the Power of Our Sexual Energy
The stoplight and coffee illustrate perfect examples of external energy forces at work.  What about internal energy forces?  Could we also tap into those?  After all, each of us is just a small part of the larger whole that makes up the universe.  All of it energy.  Think about it.  We actually have the ability – and the opportunity — to harness the power of our sexual energy.  To use it as a power supply that can shoot us forward and accelerate our progress in whatever area of life we funnel it towards.
For most of us who reside in western cultures, I think this is a virtually untapped source of very powerful, very potent energy.  Mostly we are unaware that we have this capacity.  And dare I say it.  As a culture we are mostly suppressed when it comes to the area of sex and sexuality.  More juicy bits on that topic in a future post, I promise.
Vroom, Vroom … Start Your Engines
So now that your awareness is sufficiently piqued, the question becomes ‘How do we harness this energy and find ways to funnel it towards areas of our life that need a little revving up?’.  Here’s one thought to get you started.  In the Taoist and Tantra philosophies, much is said about the moment at the climax of orgasm when we have the greatest opportunity to harness this energy and channel it to any area of our life we can imagine in that moment.  And the access to that potential — the ‘tap’ — is simply using our imagination and breath.  Imagine that!
So now when I imagine my own personal energy tap it is completely ‘blinged out’ and bedazzled with diamond studs and leather tassels.  How about yours?

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